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Investing Is Only For Brokers With Fancy Cigars

At least that is what 60% of Millennials think. Some Wall Street traders, big brokerage houses, and financial advisors have done their best to cultivate the perception that stock ownership is only for the affluent or the elite. They want to keep the rest of us out of the conversation so that there is more for them.

Investing concepts seem difficult to understand, are often overwhelming and usually so dense that the average person needs help deciphering a simple stock analysis. There is a reason for this! Finance has realized its fortunes by making people believe that what they do on Wall Street is too complicated for the average investor. But it is just not true.

Millennials, in particular, have been made to feel that investing in the stock market is unattainable.  We have been told that we are riddled with too much student loan debt, that we have delayed adulthood, need lessons on how to use a tape measure, and that we eat too much avocado toast. Screw that! All of that noise is fear mongering and is put out there to intimidate you.
We are going to help you out with tried and true investment advice that everyone can relate to no matter their race, gender or age:

Stock Ownership – Buy what you know.

At Stockpile, you can grab your piece of the market and invest in companies whose values you identify with. You care about the planet so you buy Tesla or Ecolab. You believe in the future of technology so you invest in Apple or Google. I haven’t bought Bitcoin because I really don’t understand it, but I do own a few restaurant stocks because I love and understand food.

Stockpile aims to put investing back in your hands. We are democratizing stock ownership so that everyone has the ability to invest whatever dollar amount they are comfortable with. You don’t have to have a trust fund to own stock. You don’t need to be a seasoned Wall Streeter to own stock. You just need $5 and the Stockpile app.

Investing used to be for brokers with fancy cigars. Not anymore.

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