Road Trip Photo Diary

Road Trip Photo Diary

“There is nowhere to go but everywhere.”
― Jack Kerouac, On the Road

A road trip is a rare and amazing experience to go from one destination to another and appreciate the journey in between. California was the final frontier of the American mainland, and it remains so in the minds of many. Route 66 is the ideal way to travel from the East Coast to the Golden State. While the sights are endless, an inside tip to the state’s hidden gems can give you a personal look at real road trip culture. I want to share with you my road trip photo diary from my travels across the United States. I hope you enjoy!

A diner on Route 66 with Blue Brother’s memorabilia:


Cadillac Ranch:


Route 66 Motoporium:


Spray Painting at Cadillac Ranch:

Spray Painting at Cadillac Ranch

Visiting Salvation Mountain:


Scenery along the way:


Sunset while driving in Arizona:
Sunset in Arizona

Wigwam Motel:


Wish you were here in Austin:


Abandoned gas station in the desert:


Canyons while crossing Arizona:


The owner of Sand Hills Curiosity Shop:


My sister and her hubby overlooking the canyons:


Massive cactus on the road:

Cactus Gas Station

Sunset on the canyons:

Sunset on Canyon

I hope you enjoyed seeing my road trip photo diary. If this inspires you and you would like to start planning your own road trip, please check out my suggestions here. Also, make your trip more memorable by adding music and check out my playlist here. If you have any questions, comments or tips please let me know below in the comments section. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog! xoxo Meghan

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