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    What is cost basis?

    Cheat Sheet for cost basis:

    • Cost basis is a fancy name for the price you originally paid for your stock.
    • It is used to calculate the money you made or lost for tax…

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    What Is A Dividend?

    Cheat Sheet for Dividend:

    • A dividend is cold, hard cash some companies pay out to their shareholders.
    • Mature companies that make steady profits are more likely to pay dividends.

    The way most people think…

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    What is an ETF?

    An ETF:

    • Tracks an index
    • Lower costs than traditional mutual funds
    • Powerful diversification tool

    So you think you have a good grasp of the stock market. You know what a stock is, how a trade…

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    What is the Nasdaq?

    • NASDAQ Stands for National Association of Securities Dealer Automated Quotations.
    • Composed of all the stocks on the Nasdaq market – more than 5,000.
    • It is the main benchmark index for U.S.…

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    IPOs at Stockpile

    How Does It Work?

    At Stockpile, you can invest in stocks the day they go public. These trades are the same as any other stock purchase. Your order will go through…

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    Does Amazon Stock Pay Dividends?

    Amazon likely needs little introduction, as Jeff Bezos’ ubiquitous internet commerce company has grown from humble beginnings as an online bookstore to sprawling e-commerce and cloud computing juggernaut in the twenty-plus…

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    When Did Apple Go Public?

    The story of Apple Inc. (APPL), formerly Apple Computer, Inc., and Apple stock, is perhaps the most iconic story of any startup company in modern history. Founders (and college dropouts) Steve…