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Why We Believe In Inclusive Investing

Inclusive investing at Stockpile. Inclusivity doesn’t exactly come to mind when you think of the traditional investing experience. Investing in the stock market has always been synonymous with big banks, Wall Street, and lots of money.

But we are different here at Stockpile.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to invest, no matter your age, race, gender, or income. Whether you were born in the inner city or in the country, you should have the same access to the stock market as the super wealthy.

Too many wealth management firms, financial advisors, and big brokerages are focused on high-net-worth individuals only. Those who are deemed “too poor” are turned away and told to come back when they have saved more money.

Inclusive Investing at Stockpile.

Stockpile has found a way to fill this need with fractional shares. We want to include you in the conversation. We want to know what your questions about investing are so that we can answer them. We want you to carve out your own piece of the stock market; we want to be inclusive.

We also want to partner with YOU in investing for life. Spread the message of #inclusiveinvesting with your friends and family and let them know that Stockpile has their back.

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