Hello To All

Anyone who knows me knows that I am fairly bossy and highly opinionated. Also, I am always right. I apply these same principles to the following blog.

For years, family and friends have been asking me where to go and what to see when they are traveling. I have sent out many itineraries, given advice, and have finally decided to compile my knowledge and adventures in the hopes that it will encourage others to follow in my footsteps and learn something new. I hope to also provide some laughs along the way, as I will be publishing my travel mishaps and stories that I have never told anyone.

Occasionally I will also be publishing a story from my UConn days: the good, the bad, the hysterical, the difficult. It is a secret world which I hold very dear but of which fans and friends would love to get a glimpse.

We know that I try it all, and hopefully you can learn from my mistakes, find some beauty in the things that I found beautiful, and come to appreciate the world around us a bit more. I hope everyone enjoys, I love feedback so any ideas or tips on anything but my grammar is most welcome.


xo Meghan

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  1. Just a fan from your Husky days. Even have an autographed ball. My wife and I get Gampel season tickets for the women.

    1. Hi Francis! Thanks for checking out my blog, I will be posting things every week and will have some UConn stories from the glory days every once and awhile too 🙂

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