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The Best Side Hustle Ideas for Every Age

Most people adjust their lifestyle to fit their income. So no matter how much you earn, this makes it hard to pay down debt, save, stash away an emergency fund, or have extra money to invest. A side hustle or two can be the key to achieving financial stability and getting ahead. Different side jobs are better suited to various stages of life, so pick those that fit your life and schedule to keep things manageable and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Side Hustle Ideas for Teens

Teens wanting cash – especially those under 18 – face some legal restrictions, not to mention school, limited transportation, and a thin resume. Finding odd jobs around the neighborhood is your best bet for side gigs. Old-school methods like going door to door and distributing fliers work well, as do websites like Craigslist,, and Nextdoor that let you advertise your services and find people who need them.

Babysitting: As long as people have kids, babysitting will be in demand. Land more gigs and earn higher rates by getting certified in first aid and CPR. is an excellent resource with background checks and keep the parents, kids, and babysitters all protected.

Yardwork: Pick up a few bucks by mowing lawns, weeding, working in the garden, trimming hedges, and doing other work in their neighbors’ yards.

Dog walking & pet sitting: Walk neighborhood dogs, and if you can walk a few at a time, you’ll earn good money. Also, feed, walk and play with your neighbors’ pets when they go away. Sign up to be a Wag! Walker if you want to have a stream of canine clients all over your area.

Washing cars: Grab a pail, a sponge, some dish soap, and a towel, and you’re in business.

Side Jobs for College Students

When you’re in college, more personal freedom makes it easier to land a side hustle or two. But you have to work around your classes schedule, studying, and partying. Plus you may have limited transportation options unless you can keep your car on campus. Look for jobs with enough flexibility to work around your schedule and course workload, and you can make a few bucks to put towards those loans.

Tutoring & exam prep: There’s significant money in tutoring kids, helping high schoolers prepare for the SATs, and helping struggling fellow college students. Check your University’s listing boards and other colleges in the area to see if anyone needs help with a subject where you excel.

Lifeguard: For a fun, sunny side hustle that looks great on a resume, get certified as a lifeguard through the American Red Cross.

Personal assistant: Busy people hire college students to run errands, chauffeur kids, help around the office, and perform other miscellaneous tasks.

Micro jobs: Tons of websites let you earn small amounts for doing quick jobs, using specific software or plug-ins, answering surveys, providing reviews, and more. Here are lots of places to find micro employment to earn money online.

Moving: If you can handle some manual labor for a quick buck, the new trend is to hire a few college kids to help people moving in and out of their place of residence. Apps like Lugg and Taskrabbit specialize in sourcing moving help.

Side Gig Options in Your 20s

Once you hit your mid- 20s and are out of college with a degree, options for extra work open up. But schedules still vary wildly, with lots of factors affecting when you can fit your side hustle in, and how much of a commitment you can make. Whether you’re going to grad school, starting a family, embarking on a new career, there are side hustles out there for you.

Ridesharing & delivering: Once you’re 21, you can be an Uber or Lyft driver. Or, if acting as a chauffeur is too much human interaction, deliver for companies that transport food from restaurants to customers like Uber Eats, Caviar, or DoorDash.

Wait tables, bartend, or cater: No matter when or how much you want to work, there are jobs in these areas, and you usually leave each shift with cash.

Notary public: Requirements vary by state, but if you look into how to become a notary public you can start bringing in some easy extra income. If you are a certified notary, you can make up to $100 for notarizing a few documents.

Substitute teacher or coach: If you have a bachelor’s degree, get a side hustle going to local schools and offering your services. Some schools need to see a graduate program in teaching, but there can be plenty of coaching positions or summer camp positions open if you are into sports.

Side Hustles in Your 30s & 40s

Life in your 30s and 40s is usually more challenging to find free time, with work and family obligations keeping you busy. Chances are, there’s not a lot of time for extra work. And it probably has to be done from home, outside regular business hours, and involve a clear time commitment. Web-based opportunities are convenient, but not the only options.

Freelance writer: Ghostwriting for company blogs, writing for magazines, and other opportunities abound. Here’s a long list of places to find freelance writing jobs.

Flip websites: With a little computer and SEO literacy, you can build or buy and improve sites, then sell them for a profit. Check out this post on the best way to buy a site then flip it for a profit.

Bookkeeper: If you’re organized and familiar with bookkeeping software, earn a high hourly wage as a freelance bookkeeper for small businesses.

Coach or referee: Local youth teams and leagues always need help. It’s convenient if you get a gig with your kid’s team, that way you can watch them play AND earn a few extra shekels.

Side Hustles for 50+

As you enter the senior years, physical limitations might affect what sort of odd jobs you can handle. Also, you may be working full time, part-time, or retired, and that makes a big difference in your availability. Various flexible side hustles let you create extra revenue from things you’ve accumulated over the years—whether it’s extra space, extra stuff, or valuable experience.

Rent out vacant space: If you’re an empty nester or have a spare room or garage apartment, put it up for rent or sign up with Airbnb. Have you heard of the Freebird Club? It is an Airbnb-type website just for seniors.

Sell crafts or belongings: Sell things you make or no longer need online or in person with any of these places to sell your stuff. 

Travel agent: Use your years of experience traveling the world and make a buck sharing those experiences. Choose a host agency and earn commissions with your knack for arranging fun trips and finding great deals.

Consulting: Leverage a lifetime of learning and real-world experience to become a consultant to businesses in your area of expertise.

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