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What is an ETF?


  • Tracks an index
  • Lower costs than traditional mutual funds
  • Powerful diversification tool

So you think you have a good grasp of the stock market. You know what a stock is, how a trade is made, and even what IPO stands for… Let’s increase your financial swagger and explore ETFs.… Keep reading.

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What Is A Dividend?

Cheat Sheet for Dividend:

  • A dividend is cold, hard cash some companies pay out to their shareholders.
  • Mature companies that make steady profits are more likely to pay dividends.

The way most people think of making money in the stock market is by buying low and selling high.… Keep reading.

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What is cost basis?

Cheat Sheet for cost basis:

  • Cost basis is a fancy name for the price you originally paid for your stock.
  • It is used to calculate the money you made or lost for tax purposes.

The cost basis is the original value you paid for an investment, adjusted for stock splits and dividends.… Keep reading.

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What is the S&P 500?

Cheat Sheet for the S&P 500:

  • The S&P 500 stands for Standard & Poor’s 500.  It’s an index of 500 companies.
  • It is the main benchmark investors try to beat with their own stock portfolios.
  • The 500 stocks are updated regularly to represent the overall stock market.
Keep reading.
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Stockpile Word Search (PDF)

Calling all parents, teachers, or those just trying to up their stock market knowledge! We have the perfect game for you. Whether you are working on Wall Street or working as a waitress, education is the key to empowering yourself to take charge of your financial future.Keep reading.

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When Did Apple Go Public?

The story of Apple Inc. (APPL), formerly Apple Computer, Inc., and Apple stock, is perhaps the most iconic story of any startup company in modern history. Founders (and college dropouts) Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, whose differing personality styles came together over their mutual love for building computers, began collaborating in Jobs’ garage.… Keep reading.

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How 3 Famous Investors Got Their Start

When you read about famous investors in the news or in books, it is easy to forget that behind every successful individual is a long story of small successes and even more significant failures. Each person has a story that is important to consider when understanding them as individuals.Keep reading.